Croft SE Basement Construction Method Statement


A Basement Drained Cavity


Basement Construction Method Statement

Planning is a legal procedure to which standard questions are applied.   Croft Structural Engineers has developed and continues to evolve its documents to ensure that they meet the Council’s planning requirements. 

Westminster Council require that at planning all Basement construction complies with their Development Management Development Plan document (DM DPD). 

Westminster Council requires that a Basement Construction Method Statement be prepared.  as part of the application.  This document clarifies:

The purpose of this is to highlight that at planning adequate investigation has been completed on the site to demonstrate works can be undertaken without risk or that any risks can be mitigated.  This report is not adequate for building control or party wall, but should form the basis and underline any further work.
A construction management plan may also be required by planning condition:  This is outside the brief of Croft Structural Engineers Ltd.

Croft Structural Engineers provides a service and this covers: